JBehave Hudson Plugin

The JBehave Hudson Plugin allows to integrate the JBehave reports in Hudson CI.

The plugin is provided in hpi format which can installed directly in Hudson. The hpi can be found in the plugins directory of the distribution or can be downloaded from the download page.

Plugin Installation

The JBehave Hudson Plugin depends on the xUnit Hudson Plugin and requires a minimum of version 1.13 to be installed in your Hudson instances before you install the JBehave Hudson Plugin.

The JBehave Hudson Plugin can be installed into Hudson via the Advanced tab of the "Manage Hudson > Manage Plugins" screen, and requires a restart after the installation.

Project Configuration

Within the project configuration page, under the Post-build Actions section select Publish testing tools result report. A drop box labelled Add will be displayed and select JBehave 3.x from the list. Now add the file path pattern of the JBehave reports in your project to the text field labelled JBehave-3.x Pattern. Typically this is **/jbehave/*.xml.

Supported Project Types

Hudson "free-style", "multi-configuration" and "monitor an external job" projects types are supported by this plugin. With "Maven 2/3" projects, JBehave results will not appear within the test report if a surefire or failsafe report is generated by Maven. Maven is nevertheless fully supported using the "free-style" Maven option and the JBehave results will be aggregated into the test report.