Class AnnotationFinder

  • public class AnnotationFinder
    extends Object
    Helper class to find and retrieve annotated values
    Cristiano GaviĆ£o, Brian Repko, Mauro Talevi
    • Constructor Detail

      • AnnotationFinder

        public AnnotationFinder​(Class<?> annotatedClass)
    • Method Detail

      • isAnnotationPresent

        public <A extends Annotation> boolean isAnnotationPresent​(Class<A> annotationClass)
      • isAnnotationValuePresent

        public <A extends Annotation> boolean isAnnotationValuePresent​(Class<A> annotationClass,
                                                                       String memberName)
      • getAnnotatedValue

        public <T,​A extends Annotation> T getAnnotatedValue​(Class<A> annotationClass,
                                                                  Class<T> memberType,
                                                                  String memberName)
      • getAnnotatedValues

        public <T,​A extends AnnotationList<T> getAnnotatedValues​(Class<A> annotationClass,
                                                                         Class<T> type,
                                                                         String memberName)
      • createInheritMemberName

        protected String createInheritMemberName​(String memberName)
        Creates the inherit member name by prefixing "inherit" to the capitalized member name.
        memberName - the initial member name
        The inherit member name