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Class PatternVariantBuilder

    • Constructor Detail

      • PatternVariantBuilder

        public PatternVariantBuilder(String input)
        Creates a builder and calculates all variants for given input. When there are no variants found in the input, it will itself be the only result.
        input - to be evaluated
    • Method Detail

      • getInput

        public String getInput()
      • allVariants

        public Set<String> allVariants()
        Returns a new copy set of all variants with no whitespace compression.
        a Set of all variants without whitespace compression
        See Also:
      • allVariants

        public Set<String> allVariants(boolean compressWhitespace)

        Returns a new copy set of all variants. Any two or more consecutive white space characters will be condensed into a single space if boolean flag is set.

        Otherwise, any whitespace will be left as is.

        compressWhitespace - whether or not to compress whitespace
        a Set of all variants

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