Class UUIDExceptionWrapper

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OutcomesTable.OutcomesFailed, PendingStepFound, PendingStepsFound, StepFailed

public class UUIDExceptionWrapper extends RuntimeException
Wraps an exception by adding an UUID. This allows a unique identifier to be used repeatedly to represent the exception throw in a step failure throughout the reports. In particular, it allows failing scenario screenshots to be linked to from the HTML report.
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  • Constructor Details

    • UUIDExceptionWrapper

      public UUIDExceptionWrapper(String message, Throwable cause)
    • UUIDExceptionWrapper

      public UUIDExceptionWrapper(Throwable cause)
    • UUIDExceptionWrapper

      public UUIDExceptionWrapper(String s)
    • UUIDExceptionWrapper

      public UUIDExceptionWrapper()
  • Method Details

    • getUUID

      public UUID getUUID()