Contributing to JBehave

An open-source project thrives on users' contributions. We welcome all contributions, from new features to enhancements and bugfixes.

To propose a contribution:

  1. Open a new issue.
  2. Clone the GitHub repo of the appropriate project.
  3. Commit your proposed changes to your cloned repo, using the issue number that you created above in the commit message, i.e. start all commits with "JBEHAVE-xxx:".
  4. Update the issue with the links to the commits you made, which can be easily fetched and cherry-picked using git.
For new ideas or solutions to your specific problems it is always recommended to first discuss them on the mailing-lists, where you can get the full benefit of the experience of the JBehave community. It may be that your problem can be already solved using existing functionality.

Reporting Issues

Users' feedback on issues and bugs is essential and welcome but in order to be addressed and fixed, the issues need to be reproducible.

To report an issue:

  1. Open a new issue.
  2. Provide a self-contained sample project that reproduces your behaviour via command-line - preferably using Maven but other systems are fine too.
  3. The sample project should be sharable either in an archive form (jar, tar, zip) or - preferably - via your own GitHub repo.
Please avoid cutting & pasting or attaching bits of code and configuration to the JIRA issue as it makes it much more cumbersome to re-compose a working project.