Class ParameterConverters.FunctionalParameterConverter<S,​T>

    • Constructor Detail

      • FunctionalParameterConverter

        public FunctionalParameterConverter​(Class<S> sourceType,
                                            Class<T> targetType,
                                            Function<S,​T> converterFunction)
      • FunctionalParameterConverter

        protected FunctionalParameterConverter​(Function<S,​T> converterFunction)
    • Method Detail

      • convertValue

        public T convertValue​(S value,
                              Type type)
        Description copied from interface: ParameterConverters.ParameterConverter
        Convert the value from one type to another, for example from a boolean to a String.
        value - the value to be converted
        type - the type descriptor that supplies extra information about the requested result type
        the converted value