Context View

The ContextView allows the viewing of context-related information, such as the current story, scenario or step being executed. A Swing-based JFrameContextView is provided, but other custom implementations can be provided by the user.

The context view is activated by configuring the ContextStepMonitor.

A typical configuration looks like:

    private Context context = new Context();
    private Format contextFormat = new ContextOutput(context);
    private ContextView contextView = new JFrameContextView().sized(640, 120);
    private StepMonitor delegate = ... 
    private ContextStepMonitor contextStepMonitor = new ContextStepMonitor(context, contextView, delegate);

The ContextStepMonitor needs to be added to the Configuration:

   Configuration = new MostUsefulConfiguration()


Examples of configuration of ContextView can be found in core example.