Class FreemarkerViewGenerator

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    public class FreemarkerViewGenerator
    extends TemplateableViewGenerator
    Freemarker-based ViewGenerator, which uses the configured FTL templates for the views. The default view properties are overridable via the method Properties parameter. To override, specify the path to the new template under the appropriate key:

    The view generator provides the following default properties:

     "views": "ftl/jbehave-views.ftl"
     "maps": "ftl/jbehave-maps.ftl"
     "reports": "ftl/jbehave-reports.ftl"
     "decorated": "ftl/jbehave-report-decorated.ftl"
     "nonDecorated": "ftl/jbehave-report-non-decorated.ftl"
     "decorateNonHtml": "true"
     "defaultFormats": "stats"
     "viewDirectory": "view"

    The view generator can also specify the StoryNameResolver (defaulting to UnderscoredToCapitalized) and the class or ClassLoader which Freemarker uses to load the templates from (defaulting to FreemarkerProcessor).

    Mauro Talevi