Class TemplateableViewGenerator

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    public class TemplateableViewGenerator
    extends Object
    implements ViewGenerator
    ViewGenerator, which uses the configured TemplateProcessor to generate the views from templates. The default view properties are overridable via the method Properties parameter. To override, specify the path to the new template under the appropriate key:
     "views": the path to global view template, including reports and maps views
     "maps": the path to the maps view template
     "reports": the path to the reports view template
     "decorated": the path to the template to generate a decorated (i.e. styled) single report
     "nonDecorated": the path to the template to generated a non decorated single report

    The view generator provides the following resources:

     "decorateNonHtml" = "true"
     "defaultFormats" = "stats"
     "viewDirectory" = "view"

    Mauro Talevi